Clients seek Hypnosis and Positive Psychology Coaching for various reasons.

  • Hypnosis offers endless solutions and possibilities and we can work together to determine the best course of treatment for you.

  • Positive Psychology Coaching is a way to receive support on your journey towards greater happiness and mastery in your life.

  • Personalized Group Hypnosis offers your group to learn about hypnosis and to begin the journey of changing your lives as well as help support the group to further reaching their goals. 

Hypnosis (hypnotherapy) is widely endorsed as a treatment for habit breaking, stress related issues and a range of long-term conditions.

Here's some areas that we have supported clients: 

  • Anxiety / Stress / Depression: social anxiety, frustration, worry/doubt, monkey-mind, relaxation, panic attacks

  • Confidence Building: lacking the ability to speak your mind, do what’s right for you or believe in yourself

  • Dream Interpretation: repetitive dreams, deep/complicated dreams

  • Fears / Phobias: driving, flying, sharks, cockroaches, fish, claustrophobia, needles, blood, rejection

  • Habits / Addictions: nail-bitting, stop drinking cola, picking fingers/side of the mouth, smoking, procrastination, anger management, hair pulling, eye lash pulling/picking, drugs, alcohol

  • Intuition: trusting in the self, tapping into your inner knowing/guidance

  • Job / Interview Support

  • Limiting / Negative Beliefs: lack of confidence/self-worth, not feeling good enough, not able to speak up for oneself, motivation, feeling stuck, trust, accepting oneself, accepting change, gaining patience, positivity thinking, empowering oneself

  • Parts Therapy / Removing Blocks

  • Past Life Regression / Regression

  • Personal Development: forgiveness, making decisions, memory and concentration, recall, creating wealth/career, accepting responsibility, financial worries release, Pre-menopause, insomnia, become tidy/organized, creativity

  • Relationships: moving on from a relationship, opening oneself up to having a relationship/dating, attracting love into your life, rebuilding trust

  • Weight Loss: setting up new healthy/eating routines, motivation to exercise/eat well, emotional eating, clean eating, fasting

  • And much much more!

Learn more about the benefits and uses for hypnosis.

Positive Psychology Coaching allows the client to go deeper into oneself to find the answers within. The skills that a client walks away with will help him/her throughout the rest of his/her life in providing ways to look at a situation and to find a solution to a problem. 

Clients seek coaching to help in many areas such as:

  • Discover your life passion

  • Support career changes

  • Manage stressful situations

  • Achieve work-life balance

  • Improve relationships

  • And much much more!

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